we are experience designers
At the T2 education campus in Genk, Belgium,Tinker designed the interactive experience TECHville. School students can work together on a smart city of the future in a gaming format. Meanwhile, they'll be tapping into their own talents and TECH skills. It isn’t about presenting ready-made solutions but about sparking their creativity.

They get to work on solutions such as programming traffic lights, testing windmills, equipping a dance floor with kinetic tiles, and setting up an alarm system for care homes. The players discover that cooperation is key. And that technology is inspiring!  


  • client  t2 campus genk
  • year  2020
  • experience design  tinker imagineers
  • interactive design  yipp
  • decor  bruns
  • av hardware  ata tech
  • av production  gado gado
  • photography  tinker imagineers