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Nemo hosts summer exhibitions in the Glass Ballroom. So far, Tinker has designed three of them. Chemistry by the Sea is not an ordinary beach. This is where you can smell Einstein’s fart, where you get to fry molecules at the snack bar and mix scents at the cocktail bar. At the surf shop, you hang on to nanofibre kite string or test the heat sensitivity of paint with your behind. As you go along, you learn that everything is made up of the tiniest particles. And whatever the weather outside may be like: in here, the sun is shining.

In the Invention Factory, children passed through the main stages of inventing: thinking, tinkering, testing and applying. They worked on a do-it-yourself airplane test or a triple marble alley, watched hilariously failed inventions and went home with a real inventor’s certificate. For Nemo’s tenth anniversary, we made 10: an exhibition dedicated to this illustrious number, hosting the love story of how 1 finally met his 0, after he had failed to notice her for years. Together they became 10, and everything ended well.


  • client  science center NEMO
  • year  2010
  • www  e-nemo.nl
  • in coproduction with   perspect
  • set construction   bart zandbergen

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