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Tinker has been appointed to design the new Stevns Klint visitor centre in Denmark. The Tinker design team is looking forward to shape the thrilling story of this important UNESCO heritage site through the lenses of research and wonder. These two elements will guide the design of the future visitor centre. It will be a unique journey through time.

In 2014, UNESCO adopted Stevns Klint as a World Heritage Site, because the beautiful cliff is the best place on Earth to see the traces of the catastrophe that spelled the doom of the dinosaurs. The visitor centre at Stevns Klint is planned to open in 2022. The new exhibition will tell the story about the dramatic mass extinction that occurred 66 million years ago in a simple storyline: life before the catastrophe, the catastrophe itself, and life after the catastrophe. 

The story about the research of the asteroid hypothesis will play an important part in this exhibition because it is a thrilling story of how science works and because it is part of the reason why Stevns Klint became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After their visit guests will understand and admire the story of Stevns Klint.

‘We embrace the authentic cut out of the cliff and put it at center stage, as it is the storyteller, the evidence, the mystery and the answer to the mystery of the mass extinction that occurred 66 million years ago’, says Stan Boshouwers, co-founder and director of Tinker.