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The monumental Kropholler block in Waalwijk has seen the emergence of a dynamic meeting place where craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity come together. The new Shoe Quarter does justice to this Dutch town, known for its leather and shoe industry. Spread across three floors themed ‘making’, ‘meeting’, and ‘marvelling’, the museum takes a refreshing approach to teaching visitors all about shoes and the materials they are made from. Ranging from shoe design and production to shoe fashion over time.

On the ground floor, visitors are taken through the various steps of the craft. Here, they are invited to do more than look and learn: they get to experience the work for themselves. The first floor tells The story of Langstraat. Visitors wander around the exhibition on the history of the region, and the rise, fall, and preservation of its industry. One flight up, they come upon the icons of the shoe world. How have shoes been shaped by their wearers, use, and fashion?


  • client  municipality of waalwijk
  • year  2022
  • www  schoenenkwartier.nl
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  kloosterboer
  • interactives  yipp
  • temporary exhibition  tinker imagineers, studio daphne jansen, britte hietkamp
  • light design  heinzloopstra lightdesign
  • soundscape  studio rockfish
  • copywriting  story matters
  • architect  civic
  • photography website  mike bink, tinker imagineers
  • project video  joris verleg


  • silver winner  muse design awards 2023
  • gold certified  grand prix du design 2023
  • honouree  interior design best of year awards 2022

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