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growing up in europe, 1945 to now

How is it to be young and restless in Europe? The immersive exhibition Restless Youth in the House of European History in Brussels focuses on this question. Visitors will experience a compelling journey through the passions and struggles of being young in Europe over the last 70 years. Original objects, music, film, fashion, art, television and personal stories are quintessential to revive the times and catch the zeitgeist. 

Visitors can go back in time by writing love letters at the milk bar from the 40s or putting a record on the jukebox. They can play the guitar and dress up as mods or hippies in the 60s. In the 80s, they can create their own protest buttons, while MTV video clips provide the right atmosphere. The spatial translation of the ‘zeroes’ is that of the internet, which has shaped the way young people communicate, work, date, move, and protest.


  • client  house of european history brussels
  • www  historia-europa.ep.eu
  • exhibition design and production  tinker imagineers
  • construction  gielissen
  • av hardware  mansveld
  • lighting  ata tech
  • photography  mike bink fotografie, tinker imagineers


  • shortlisted  fx awards 2019
  • finalist  sbid international design awards 2019

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