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kids at the controls of their own future

The future is much more fun when you’re the one creating it. That’s the idea behind the Reset the Future exhibition at the Utrecht University Museum. Tinker developed a playful workspace where kids can collect building blocks and build their own world of tomorrow. Do they choose local products or opt for the exotic variety? Do they live in the city or in the countryside? And travel by bike or by car?


They get to construct their own reality at the building stations. Thanks to scientific research, subtly woven into the building blocks, their world becomes greener and cleaner than ours. The results are shown in the Futurama: a 360-degrees theatre showing the consequences of the choices they have made. Here they can take a peek at what their future will look like. Not satisfied? Hurry back and have another go!


reset the future


  • client  utrecht university museum
  • www  uu.nl
  • technology  kiss the frog
  • cartoons  klaartje berkelmans
  • objects  schaalwerk
  • photography  mike bink


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