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taking a dive in explorers’ heaven!

2013. The National Geographic Society in Washington wants to turn its Headquarters into a transparent and vibrant visitors’ destination, ideally one of the top-10 listed tourist attractions in DC. Ten agencies were preselected from a global longlist. Only five of these met National Geographic’s standards, and Tinker was one of them. We took a dive into the immense world that is National Geographic, and elaborated upon the campus concept of their HQ, as it was devised by Weiss/Manfredi architects. During an intense 3-month period we cooperated with the museum staff, PR people and JM Zell, the real estate consultant.

Our approach was to have visitors look at both sides of the television screens of the legendary organisation. From the depths of primitive adventures to the heights of mental prowess, passing through all developmental stages of both man and NatGeo itself. The Board welcomed our concept with great enthusiasm.


  • client  national geographic society
  • year  2013
  • intermediary consultant  JM zell
  • building architect  weiss/manfredi, new york