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nestlé's open house

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary Nestlé has opened its doors to the public. As the world’s largest food company it has a huge impact around the globe. Tinker has created the family experience nest with an exhibition area of 3500 m2 located in Vevey, Switzerland. Right where Henri Nestlé established his first factory in 1866 near Lake Geneva. The Big Idea behind nest was simply to open up and show what the company actually stands for in an honest and inspiring way. 

Visitors will receive an interactive and personal look behind the scenes, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey through the past, present and future across five different zones. Ranging from a timed experience based on 19th century film techniques to a forum space with explorations on the global challenges in mass food production. An absolute eye-catcher is the flowing world Tinker designed underneath the glass roof. This light open space is fully dedicated to playful innovation.


  • client  nestlé s.a.
  • light design  rapenburg plaza
  • musicscape  rockfish recording studio
  • 3D particle animation  lucidpixel
  • mini documentaries  march 21 / andré kloer
  • voice-overs  ziaja & dorst
  • voice-overs and music  most audio post
  • audioguide  tonwelt
  • kinect games  the first floor
  • year  2016
  • interactive games  yipp interactive people
  • artwork  rina van der weij
  • AV and lighting hardware  mansveld
  • production decor and furniture  bruns
  • architecture  concept consult architectes
  • concept, scenography, AV & multimedia  tinker imagineers
  • www  the-nest.ch
  • photography  mike bink

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