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transformation prehistorisch dorp & eindhoven museum

PreHistorisch Dorp en Eindhoven Museum are getting a makeover. Tinker designs a museum park for the Brainport Eindhoven region, which will be called Vonk (‘spark’). Indoor and out, this experience interactively showcases the innovative pioneering spirit and inventiveness of the region. A place that makes you see why the Brainport has become a world-class hub for technology and knowledge.

The visitors' journey starts in the new entrance building, where a timeline shows the permanent collection of Eindhoven Museum. Next, a dazzling multimedia show takes them through 15,000 years of history. The park will house iconic and playful installations in which visitors go on a journey of discovery and connect the past to the present. Finally, visitors can add to the construction of Vonk. The aim is for Vonk to open to the public in 2025.