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a historical attempt to define our shared identity

Plans for a Museum of National History in a country with 16 million opinions are guaranteed to give rise to heated debate. Should such a museum reflect our multicultural society? Or rather our feelings of national pride? Should the focus be on the major or on the minor stories? Should we work towards an experience or an institution? And who is our target audience? Issues demanding a clear vision that is widely supported.

Tinker created a project lab in which this vision could slowly but surely take shape. Over a period of three months, we had countless meetings with historians, museum boards, educational experts and media specialists. Based on our conclusions we developed ten different scenarios. Together with our recommendations, which had been welcomed by many, they were submitted to the new board. The rest is history…


  • client  ministerie ocw
  • year  2009
  • in cooperation with  anno & paul spies

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