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cradles of abstract art

Follow in the footsteps of Piet Mondrian. Accompany him on a trip at the renewed Mondriaanhuis along the cradles of his unique art. And look trough the eyes of the man who kept reinventing himself and his work. Tinker created the multimedia concept and a new design for the interior that refers to his entire oeuvre. The challenging premise was that most of the original works are in museums all over the world. That is why the journey starts with a video installation of Mondrian’s oeuvre. 

A musical picture story that takes the visitors from his early landscapes and colourful seascapes to the abstract world he is famous for. Accompanied by the contemporary music that he liked, from Ravel to jazz, from Stravinsky to boogie-woogie. Mondrian spent his last years in New York, where he made a fresh start: he got rid of the black lines and explored new spaces in his work. Visitors enter Mondrian’s dream world, in which his work, the city, and his favourite music all melt together into one audio-visual spectacle. 


  • client  mondriaanhuis amersfoort
  • year  2017
  • www  mondriaanhuis.nl
  • concept, design, av & multimedia  tinker imagineers
  • production decor and furniture  ham, post & van huystee
  • av hardware  phantavisual
  • music (new york)  most
  • content   angl in cooperation with Mondriaanhuis
  • artwork  rina van der weij
  • lighting  ata tech bv
  • photography  mike bink
  • architecture  iddv architecten


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