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world's most interactive museum

The new Media Museum is all about placing media culture in perspective. The media determine us and vice versa. Visitors experience this through more than 50 interactives on news making, connecting, buying, selling and playing. A unique installation of no less than 300 metres of LED screens placed throughout the museum, connecting the different zones. Frameworks disappear, while inside and outside, front and back are seamlessly blended. This so called Media Reactor represents the infinite stream of media that comes our way every day.

The museum is probably world’s most interactive one. Upon entering the experience, visitors create their own profile in the Tune in. The use of facial recognition in combination with their smartphone, creates a personalised media journey. Through thematic zones, they get to play interactives, explore iconic media objects, and rediscover nostalgic footage from their youth. Tinker was responsible for the integrated spatial, graphical, and media design. The process took about five years, in collaboration with the museum and many parties from different disciplines.


  • client  the netherlands institute for sound & vision
  • year  2023
  • www  beeldengeluid.nl/en
  • concept  xpex
  • spatial design  tinker imagineers
  • av design  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  bruns
  • interactives  kiss the frog
  • av content  redrum
  • av hardware  beamsystems, ata tech
  • design media reactor  tinker imagineers
  • sound media reactor  danny weijermans
  • showcontrol media reactor  beamsystems
  • hardware media reactor  ata tech
  • light design  actld
  • museum app  elastique
  • photography website  mike bink, jorrit lousberg


  • winner  heritage in motion awards / european museum academy 2023
  • finalist  european design awards 2023
  • shortlist  fx awards 2023
  • nominee  sbid international design awards 2023