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Together with the Norwegian architects from Transborder Studio we developed a concept for a climate house in Oslo. We felt that it would be preaching to the choir to design a climate exhibition that would address people who were already very much aware of the climate problem. Instead, we came up with a plan that would activate those visitors who didn’t feel that sense of urgency yet and turn them into climate heroes. Their visit starts by exploring soil samples, gaining some ‘in-depth’ knowledge of our planet. Then, the visitors take off in a spaceship – aptly called an earthship for the occasion. 

They travel further and further away from the earth, until they experience the ‘overview’ effect: how astronauts see the earth from space. An overwhelming experience that creates a heartfelt concern for our planet. Now it’s time to act. Visitors face a number of climate challenges to find out which type of climate hero they are. The trip concludes with the earthship returning to a pristine blue planet, a poetic end to an exciting adventure that has raised awareness and has opened the eyes of its visitors, who have transformed into climate heroes. We created this concept within the framework of an international design competition; our proposal reached the finals.


  • year  2017
  • experience design  tinker imagineers
  • architecture  transborder studio

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