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a warm reception for tourists, house-hunters, entrepreneurs and residents

A centre that serves as a portal to the city and the region. That’s Intree Dordrecht. Where visitors can get a glimpse of the whole picture: Dordrecht and the surrounding area. Where they are welcomed and informed, and where they will be inspired, seduced and challenged. By the interactive installations, multi-media presentations and a cellar filled with the treasures and sounds of Dordrecht, for instance. By a panorama that is larger than life, and a colourful exhibition. Tinker took care of the plan, the design and the realisation of the layout and house style.

The city of Dordrecht is a well-kept secret. A secret that both the people of Dordrecht and the rest of the world should get to know. To learn that Dordrecht is a dynamic city, with many activities in the fields of living, working, recreation, culture and business. With a beautiful historic centre, old harbours, museums, plenty of nature within easy reach and many cultural events. But also with ambitious development projects and a dynamic industry.


  • client  dordrecht city council and dordrecht marketing foundation
  • year  2008
  • www  intreedordrecht.nl
  • movie  wim verbeek
  • construction  brandwacht en meijer
  • photography  fred prak

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