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nearby a bridge too far

The Battle of Arnhem marks a turning point in World War II. It was the largest airborne operation of all times and a lost opportunity to bring WOII to an end at the same time. English, Polish and American troops and the people of Arnhem fought at the bridgehead, but to no avail. Many lives were lost and half the city was destroyed. To this day, busloads of veterans, family members and others visit the city that is still connected to the war.

Tinker drafted a plan for a visitors’ centre. In the centre, the battle is shown from every perspective. Dozens of witness statements on the four walls tell international and personal stories. The audio-visual animation of the events takes centre stage, while visitors can see the famous bridge outside. Where passenger cars ride today, we see German tanks rolling by, and the battle comes to life again.


  • client  airborne museum hartenstein
  • year  2007
  • leisure & arts consulting  LA group consultancy
  • construction  brandwacht & meijer

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