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matters of the heart, conducive to contemplation

Geert Groote (1340 - 1384), the Dutch theologian and preacher of penitence, is still known today thanks to the Modern Devotion movement and the Brothers of the Common Life. They make for interesting stories, worth telling in our times. This is the mission of the Geert Groote House. They have erected a new building on the foundations of an old chapel, in which the spiritual story of Deventer’s most famous son is told.

We have selected the major topics from the life of Geert Groote and looked for present-day analogies. The avarice displayed by the church, for instance, is repeated in the role played by the profiteers in today’s financial crisis. All these stories are represented in colourful collages in which the past meets the present. The mediaeval vault was given a meditative outlook. A moment of reflection during your visit – the old master would have loved it.


  • client  friends of the geert groote house foundation
  • set construction  kloosterboer decor
  • graphic design  rina van der weij
  • ‘matter of the heart’-films   andré kloer
  • soundscape  remus ockels

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