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Design & construction of an open innovation centre. FrieslandCampina is clustering its R&D activities in a new centre at Wageningen University Food Campus. 20,000 square metres of lab space, in which 450 scientists work on improving dairy products. This is currently the largest dairy R&D centre in the world. At the heart of these premises an experience centre has been erected, where visitors - scientists and lay people alike - can see, hear and taste all aspects of state-of-the-art dairy research.

By means of 10 interactive exhibits, visitors look into the origin of milk, follow the dairy production chain and dive into the molecular heart of milk. In addition, they meet the people behind the white coats and witness the creative process between product designers and marketers. Finally, the centre provides workplaces where open innovation can actually be carried out. Visitors leave the place with a new perception of the brand.


  • client  friesland campina
  • year  2013
  • www  frieslandcampina.com
  • draft  bloei
  • architecture   fokkema & partners
  • audio visuals   andré kloer
  • engineering  phantavision
  • photography  mike bink

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