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looking turns into seeing

The wonderful nature and surroundings of the Defence Line of Amsterdam come to life in Fort K’IJK near Krommeniedijk. The spaces inside the fort and out, man and nature: they are all connected. This connection is made visible with a luminous strip. Follow this line of light through the fort and discover how the Defence Line of Amsterdam was built to protect people and ended up protecting the landscape. 

We charge the visitors’ sight and have them look at the Defence Line landscape with new eyes. By bringing the imagination, projections, light and dark, into play, the invisible is made visible. Looking turns into seeing. Open to the public as from Sunday, 4th October 2017.


  • client  landschap noord-holland
  • year  2017
  • www  fortkijk.nl
  • experience design  tinker imagineers
  • production exhibition decor  kloosterboer decor
  • production interior postern  rens van bemmel
  • sound design  most
  • 3d logo  spaan metaal
  • photography  mike bink

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