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How will we feed 9 billion people by 2050? With food that is sustainable, healthy and tasty too. In FOODTOPIA, you sit down with the scientist. Surrounded by jars filled with colourful, edible seaweed and scent extracts, you will realise that our quest to resolve world food issues is of all times. From good old margarine to in-vitro hamburgers and 3D-printed food.

Balancing plates and infographics present impressive food facts and figures. The interactive table of the future is the pièce de résistance. Trays with insect lollipops, potato seed and algae appetizers roll by. Food-topic images stir the imagination. Which promising innovations are on the menu? Grab a tray and discover what guest curator Louise O. Fresco is serving.


  • client  museum boerhaave
  • year  2015
  • www  museumboerhaave.nl
  • design   tinker imagineers
  • realisation and content  museum boerhaave
  • photography  mike bink


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