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a din and a racket

The replica of East Indiaman the Amsterdam was a long-time favourite with the visitors to the Maritime Museum. It was just a pity that there was not much to do once you came aboard.  That is why the museum invited us to have a go at the ship and bring back ‘the din and the racket’ of the seafaring life.

If they had known what they were in for... Today, rats and fleas point the way to various activities. Kids visiting the museum have a blast shooting the canons and hoisting crates and barrels. They get to practice walking the gangway and sleeping in hammocks. And in the captain’s cabin, they can try their hand at solving the riddle of the lost silver treasure.


  • client  the national maritime museum
  • year  2013
  • www  hetscheepvaartmuseum.nl
  • construction  flink
  • signing panels   HDV signmakers
  • transfer print technology   the printgallery
  • photography  mike bink

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