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exhibits in madurodam

Madurodam, the famous Dutch tourist landmark, has welcomed over 50 million visitors since its opening in 1952. After sixty years, some innovation was called for to cater for the next generation. Tinker came up with two outdoor exhibits for children: a DJ Boot and a panoramic flight simulator.

With Dutch dance DJs ranking high in the global pop charts, an exhibit on party culture was a must in this miniature park of everything Dutch. So we built a DJ set, where the kids themselves get to be the DJ, mixing and scratching beats and tunes. The crowd standing before the main stage goes wild. Secondly, visitors filmed in front of a green screen are projected in the skies, flying just like Superman once did. The flight covers the Dutch highlights in architecture and city planning. The end result is a cool film clip to post on your social media.


  • client  madurodam
  • year  2013
  • www  madurodam.nl
  • construction flying unit pavilion  Spaan metaal
  • construction DJ booth  flink
  • interactive technics  kiss the frog
  • audiovisual technology  mansveld experience technology

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