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a tribute to danish architecture and design

Denmark is often cited in international contexts as a role model when it comes to creating optimal living conditions for the population. It has been elected the world’s happiest country several times. But what are the ingredients? The exhibition Hello Denmark is a tribute to the architecture and famous design of the country. The visitor explores what has made Denmark and Copenhagen popular throughout the world: the good everyday life. Tinker developed the concept and design that uses the Danish everyday life as a way to understand Danish architecture and the significant role it plays in enhancing the quality of life.

In Hello Denmark the visitor will experience six installations, each representing an element from the everyday life the Danes value so highly that influence how they build, reside, and live. It is about a close relationship to nature, the trust upon which the society is built, the insistence on ‘hygge’, the unique bicycle culture, the design-infused society, and the need to live near water. In white frames, a stark contrast to the dark space around them, key Danish objects are presented. In combination with animations and infographics, they explain where these typical Danish values come from.


  • client  danish architecture center
  • year  2020
  • www  dac.dk
  • concept & design  danish architecture center, tinker imagineers
  • av & multimedia productions  besyv productions, filmbureauet, thin green line productions
  • construction  danish architecture center
  • photography  kontraframe / danish architecture center, tinker imagineers


  • winner  gold muse design award 2021
  • finalist  european design awards 2021

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