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what is it like to be an architect?

Danish Architecture Center and Tinker imagineers joined forces again and created the Educatorium. A ground-breaking educational space where children, adolescents and their parents explore architecture’s magical toolbox. Children are stimulated to act as ‘experts' by tapping into the tools and skills of architects. The design nudges children to go explore architectural concepts. It invites them to experience these with all their senses: ears, eyes, touch, body and mind. By doing this they sharpen their awareness and opinion. And suddenly realise they already possess expert skills, just like an architect. 

A big Wonder Wall all across the length of the space is the focal design piece, a simple yet effective spatial intervention. It mirrors and strengthens the panoramic view to the city. It features a plethora of tools with playful design language and colourful details that make students wonder about their surroundings and see with new eyes. On the other side, this wall functions as a Wall of Fame. A life size video of a teacher shows the current course program but more importantly the wall showcases recent work from students, like models and drawings. The main point of this part of the Educatorium is to bring the senses into play and, first and foremost, to encourage visitors to draw, build and design their own creations.


  • client  danish architecture center
  • year  2020
  • www  dac.dk
  • concept & design  danish architecture center, tinker imagineers
  • construction  danish architecture center
  • av productions & audio  danish architecture center
  • photography  jeppe sorensen, rebecca jacobsen


  • finalist  best of year design awards 2021

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