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cosmopolitan architectural experience in a swiss discotheque

Over the last few years, the University of Neuchâtel carried out extensive comparative research regarding the urbanisation of Ouagadougou, Palermo and Hanoi, three cities that have developed terrifically in recent decades. It was the researchers’ dream to translate their scientific findings into an evocative exhibition. The place to be: club ‘Case à Chocs’ in Neuchâtel.

Less is more.  With a very small budget and with stacks of boxes, tape and spray cans, we got 21 rooms to offer unexpected glimpses into a variety of metropolises.  The boxes acted as data carriers, exhibits and backgrounds rolled into one. For the look and feel, we were happy to elaborate on the existing graffiti.  The result: a trip around the world, past gentrification, city dwellers, cultural reality, gated communities, politics and global-local blending.


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