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museum of industry becomes science centre

We created the concept and the design for the Explore Zone and the Open Depot respectively. We produced two other features. First, the Time Warp Theatre, in which visitors experience a dizzying journey through time in 360 degrees. The seats move through the space as well, and so the audience becomes part of the evolutionary spiral. The second draw is the Future Forum, in which groups get to see possible scenarios for the future of society.

The Kerkrade Industrion was up for refurbishment. The traditional museum, recounting the history of Limburg’s industry, was turned into a modern science centre. Tinker was called in to develop a new concept and design, in cooperation with the management. The starting point was the way in which technology, nature, and society influence each other in their spiralling evolution. The message? People are not passive consumers of industrial products, but rather active producers of problems and solutions.


  • client  continium kerkrade
  • year  2009
  • www  continium.nl
  • audio visuals  tungsten studio
  • engineering  beam systems
  • photography  tinker


  • winner  gouden reiger 2009
  • nomination  most innovative entrepeneur VVV & zuid-limburg 2009
  • nomination  toerned award 2010
  • winner  best children's museum NMV & ANWB 2012
  • winner  kidsproof museum ANWB 2013
  • nomination  leukste uitje van limburg 2014

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