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For the Centre for Overweight Adolescent and Children’s Healthcare (COACH) we created a playful and interactive world that nudges children and their parents in the direction of a healthy diet and regular exercise. A motivating and stimulating environment that seems miles away from the world of doctors and hospitals, but does not look too ‘sporty’ or competitive either. But just sitting down and waiting for your turn is a thing of the past!

The element of ‘play’ takes centre stage. In the open waiting area, children and their parents / supervisors are challenged to start moving. They can, for instance, try to keep their balance while collecting the healthy products falling down on a display. Or stretch and work together to make the right connections to switch the lights on. The consultations take place in the colourful pavilions that are scattered around the place. 


  • client  maastricht umc+
  • year  2016
  • www  coachmaastricht.com
  • concept, content, 3d and 2d design  tinker imagineers
  • gamedevelopment  tinker imagineers
  • decor construction  landstra & de vries
  • interactive software  shortplay



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