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mysterious machine appears during historical army event

The ‘Stationed in Gelderland’ festival fused the activities of 80 heritage institutes in the province of Gelderland during the summer of 2012. The connecting thread of the festival was a time machine in which audiences could take a journey through 20 centuries of sieges, wars and billeting.

In 2013, the little travelling theatre was adopted by the vfonds, the Dutch foundation for peace, freedom and veteran support. In order to intensify the experience, we placed HD screens on three sides around the visitors, as if they found themselves in the midst of the scene. Three films, covering the foundation’s three fields of action, show a sometimes feverish flight over and across the world. The contraption can be visited at events such as memorial days, liberation festivals and events for veterans.


  • client  gelegerd in gelderland / vfonds
  • year  2012
  • www  gelegerdingelderland.nl
  • www  v-fonds.nl
  • film direction  calling the shots
  • film production  state 31
  • engineering  phantavision
  • construction  stortplaats van dromen
  • photography  mike bink and fred ernst

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