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unravelling the mystery of artificial intelligence

Digital change, digital future: robots and artificial intelligence have become an integral part of society. They make our lives at home easier, help us in traffic and allow us to be more creative with their applications. The exhibition unravels popular myths around humanoid robots and autonomous systems. It gives a transparent, reflective view of the utopias and hysteria surrounding these topics. How can we use AI to drive social and technological change and promote sustainable growth? The exhibition dives into the black box of AI and shows fascinating algorithms, ingenious innovations, and people's timeless fascination with the subject machine intelligence.

Visitors discover that artificial intelligence is not that mysterious after all. Each floor in the museum shows a different aspect of the endless possibilities. Visitors find out what AI is and how it works, and they learn about its ethical implications for our social life. Do we have the technology we need and do we really need the technology we use? In addition, they discover creative AI interactions, and end the tour by looking into the future: how will our mobility change?


  • client  vienna museum of science and technology
  • year  2020
  • www  technischesmuseum.at
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers, peter beckers
  • we are data exhibit  autres directions
  • neural net exhibit  100% fat
  • av productions  tinker imagineers
  • photography  vienna museum of science and technology / sebastian weissinger

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