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talking about mobility

Mobility, is that an interesting subject? Sure it is, because it touches on being a good employer, reaching operational excellence and fulfilling green goals. To guard the conversation in these directions, ALD Automotive asked Tinker to develop a client experience adventure. It turned out to be the ALD Mobilty Experience,  a ‘conversation engine’, in which management teams explore their own mobility profiles.

The Mobility Experience turns the complex issue of mobility contracting into an attractive halve day off for management teams. It takes place in a studio like setting, where visitors go on a audiovisual journey through different future scenario’s. After this, an interactive video guided discussions leads them through all aspects of the subjects, leaving the team with a well balanced vision on their ideal setting. Finally, this ideal setting is matched with their actual contracting and, voila, a focussed improvement plan is on the table. Made to measure on People, Planet, Profit.


  • client  ald automotive
  • year  2014
  • www  aldautomotive.nl
  • concept, scripts and production  tinker imagineers
  • architect  ex interiors
  • av  phantavision
  • decor  brandwacht en meijer
  • interactives  yipp
  • film  zootroop
  • photography  mike bink, alexander van berge