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a training course for young recruits – in a museum

The Army Museum faced us with a challenge: show young people what it is like in the army. It’s a relevant subject, as these soldiers are the ones keeping the peace at home and abroad. It would not hurt to learn something about their work. What’s more, it can be an exciting experience!

Action: a training course with eight activities. Young visitors are tested on the assault course, they learn how to detect mines and guide each other through darkened rooms. The training results are reviewed at headquarters, and then the real work begins. Somewhere in a war-torn town, a bomb is waiting to be defused. You will need all your skills to get there in time, dodging snipers and sidestepping booby-traps, while time is running out…


  • client  the army museum
  • year  2009
  • www  legermuseum.nl
  • set  schaalwerk
  • photography  mike bink

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