wijnand veneberg

ux designer

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Translating content into images and (spatial) interaction. Conceptualisation and visualisation of interactive user experiences; always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to combine content, media, and technology.

I have been fascinated with the interactive narrative for quite some time now: how do you tell a meaningful story in a new and innovative way, using visuals and spatial interaction?

During and after my studies, I developed and realised various innovative projects for the theatre, events, and public spaces with new media technology, working both independently and with others. In my projects, architecture and various media coincide in a consolidated design, new platforms are offered on so-called ‘urban screens’ through social media, or augmented reality is used to add new layers to educational situations. Interaction is usually the starting point for the realisation of my projects and the creation of experiences.

In addition to doing projects, I have provided conceptual and technological support for workshops at the Media & Performance Laboratory, a research centre looking into mixed reality technology in performative contexts: how do you design expressive theatrical actions, using light, projection, sound, and sensors?

And now Tinker. I can’t believe I had not heard about them! Bringing stories to life that affect people. Within Tinker, I have an opportunity to use my creativity to work on magical and meaningful experiences within a talented team and inspiring surroundings.



Born in Deurne


Bachelor of Art & Technology, Digital Media Design, HKU


Master of Arts, Design for Digital Cultures, HKU


Self-employed in interactive media, and co-founder of a media art collective


Concept development & design of interactive installations and virtual theatre for a foundation in Utrecht


Supporting BA and MA students, teachers, and professionals in their creative processes and the use of performance tools


Teacher of Visuals & Technology, Illustrator, Photoshop


Started working at Tinker