robin beukema

office & facilities manager

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Coordinating ICT, office supplies, catering, reception, accommodation and resources

In 2005, I decided to do a ‘facility management’ study programme, which was a relatively new phenomenon at the time. In those first years, I learned a lot about working on the operational level, while tactics and strategy were added later on. Much of the programme consisted of learning from books, and combined with a lot of free time, this may not have been the best mix.

In my third year, I decided after much deliberating to leave for Surinam for six months. The time had come to develop my adventurous streak! The period I spent in Surinam was amazing. It was incredible to meet so many people, to get to know a whole new culture and to live in totally different surroundings.  It definitely enriched my personal development and my study years.

After this experience, everything went much more smoothly. I continued my studies with new-found, positive energy and frequently travelled south to see my girlfriend, whom I had met in Surinam. In 2013, I wrote an advisory note, which earned me my Facility Management certificate. I stayed on after my final traineeship and had time to prepare for the next step.

The chance to take that step came at the end of 2014. I have left my old stomping ground in the north (even though I frequently return to visit with family and friends) for a new adventure with tinker imagineers!



Born and raised in Groningen, or ‘Grunningen’ as we call it


Facility Management certificate


International traineeship in Paramaribo, Surinam


Minor in Applied psychology


Bachelor Facility Management, Hanzehogeschool Groningen


Facility staff at Maartenshof nursing and care home


Moved to Amersfoort… … and embarked on a new adventure with tinker in December 2014