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How do we put Tinker on the map? I am the one to come to with this question – and I can answer it too.

I coordinate Tinker’s PR and try to create as much spin-off as possible. Did I mention that you can follow us on social media?

I was going to be an architect; I was sure of it. The history of architecture and urban design came quite close – all be it from a different angle. In the end, I never designed buildings myself, but studied them (or the plans) and wrote about them.  

‘One assignment is enough to launch your own agency’, my graduation supervisor said with conviction. It sounded like a great ambition, and I soon landed an assignment from the International New Town Institute. I studied the meaning of ‘the organic’ in architecture, and my first publication was a fact. I was as proud as could be. And it meant the birth of my own firm. Doubly proud.

My work with the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects was more ‘in touch with everyday practice’ and I turned out to be an effective communicator and connector between those headstrong and creative architects up north. The crisis threw a spanner in the works, but there were enough cool assignments left for solopreneurs.

The difference between promoting a sector and promoting an individual agency is not a big one. After all, it’s all about what design can do. And our added value is crystal clear to me. Now we only have to tell others about it. And that is what I do, with a passion.



Born at Wijhe, in the province of Overijssel, as the only child of two teachers (English and Economics)


VWO in Zwolle, Nature and Health subject cluster


Started reading Pharmacy at Groningen University, but switched to Art History before long (much more fun) 


Bachelor’s degree in the history of architecture and urban design


Research traineeship at the Museo de Bogotá, Colombia > content of the exhibition ‘Bogotá: the proud revival of a city 1995-2006’


Research Master of Arts in Art History & Archaeology, specialising in Architecture and Urban Design


Independent entrepreneur: Petra Schilders Architectuurhistorica


Regional coordinator North of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (Bond Nederlandse Architecten, BNA)


Married to Alren Dijkstra


PR staff member at Kossmann.dejong, Amsterdam / DAAD Architecten, Beilen / BDG Architecten, Zwolle


Became mother of Veerle


PR & Business Development - Tinker imagineers, Utrecht