nils van keulen


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Loves combining creativity with didactics. With a team, realises spatial stories that set visitors in motion.

Getting a message across and making sure it sticks with your audience. Having visitors get involved, get moving, and perhaps even change. It’s a fascinating process. 

Everyone has their own background and character traits. So, a single message will never suit a large group of people. It should be geared to individuals. Only if you discover your own message and the questions you have in a story, will you be convinced.

I like to combine creativity with didactics. Reducing complex matters to understandable elements and that can be used to form an iconic image — then building things back up to a spatial story. A world you can grasp and walk through. I believe in teamwork - between Tinker, client, and producer - to realise the project within a set time and budget.



Born in Venlo

Graduated from the Teachers’ Training College and from Audio-Visual Training Courses
Commercial director at Synar (multimedia production company of Eindhoven University of Technology)
Marketing & Sales Director and MT member at Mansveld Integrated Media Projects in Eindhoven
Senior account manager at DST Experience Communication in Baarn
Senior creative consultant and account management at Tinker imagineers, partner since 2008