merijn denkers

3d designer

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Pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology to create the ultimate visitor experience.

‘Tinkering’ is what I have been doing all my life. The tools, skills, and resources have improved, but the essence is still the same. Building things that challenge the imagination. Finding space for play within the restrictions. Creating something beautiful. Pushing the boundaries, both artistically and practically, for the ultimate visitor experience. I enjoy the challenge of working with a team of experts to convey complex contextual messages while at the same time developing my expertise as a designer. Work hard, play hard.

With a background in graphic design and experience as an autonomous artist and producer of cultural events and exhibitions, I have a thorough understanding of all aspects of experience design. Building highly detailed, monumental installations influenced by contemporary art and design is my aim. Tinker is the place where all my interests and expertise come together. Creative engineering, multimedia installations, design, art, history, technology, science, and nature.



Born in Tilburg


Bachelor degree in Graphic Design


Bachelor degree in Autonomous Visual Arts


Artist, designer, and producer for various cultural organisations


Studio Denkers (self-employed), design studio


Project manager and designer at Kinkorn


Started working as a 3D designer at Tinker imagineers