marjolijn van puffelen

3D designer

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Matching story and shape in clear designs.

With my background as an experience designer in retail and interior design, I know the importance of designing the right environment for your message. With a sharp eye for graphics, I design total environments, interiors, displays, fixtures, and furniture, and select materials and colour schemes. The puzzle pieces of story and shape must fit together. To make this work, a clear understanding of the visitor’s perspective is crucial. 

My passion is in the details and doing simple things right. Details matter. They’ll make or break the design. I get a lot of satisfaction from making designs that offer clear solutions. Sometimes a quick manual design sketch is enough to clarify ideas. And if it contributes to meaningful projects, I’ve achieved my aim.



Born in Bussum


Degree in Visual merchandising, Nimeto, Utrecht 


Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven


Founder and interior designer at studio OntwerpZaken en furniture-making shop De Houtverwerker 


Experience designer at Nike EHQ Brand Retail design team for pop-up stores, events, booths & department stores


3D designer at Tinker imagineers