maartje steenhagen

business manager

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Paving the way for creation.

With my love of authentic storytelling and my passion for connecting people, I feel right at home at Tinker. As a Business Manager, I get a kick out of closing deals and achieving the best possible outcome for all parties.  

That’s what we’re shooting for: the best possible results. And by 'we' I mean Tinker, but also our clients and subcontractors. Because every project is the result of co-creation and we are all committed to creating that fantastic experience or that ultimate story together. It is my job to pave the way, as it will allow us to get to work without worrying about things that have not been arranged yet. And so, everyone gets to do what they do best. 



Born in Almelo


Bachelor’s degree in Economics in International Leisure Management, Amsterdam.


Employed at Pelican Magazines Hearst publishing house.


Project manager/account director at Wink


Started working at Tinker as a Business Manager