lieke neuman


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Creating visual stories with humour.

I love nothing more than creating worlds of wonder. Visual poetry that communicates and leaves room for people’s individual interpretations. Everyone, young or old, has a sense of imagination that can be stimulated. For me, creativity is not just about making beautiful things, it is a way of thinking and looking at things.  

As an imagineer, I want to tell stories in images. Whether it's an abstract idea, wall prints for a hospital, an exhibition, or a (cabaret) performance. I want to move people, pull them into the story, give them something to chew on, while adding a touch of humour. 



Born at Doesburg

Completed study programme in Graphic Design Training, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA 
Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, Arnhem
Graphic designer at Kossmann.dejong
Imagineer at Tinker imagineer
Completed part-time study programme in Cabaret, Paul van Vliet Academy