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After my secondary education, I hesitated between the fields of physiotherapy and graphic design.

In school, I had always liked subjects such as physics, mathematics and biology, and analytical thinking came naturally. I still opted for graphic design, because I was curious whether I would be able to develop my creative side.

It soon turned out to be the right decision. Creativity is not just about making beautiful things, it is also a way of thinking and looking at the world.

After my studies, I started working with Kossmann.dejong, and new worlds opened up. Pushing the boundaries of graphic design and collaborating with people from other areas of design resulted in beautiful exhibitions with stories to tell.

To me, graphic design is just one way of expressing an idea – you might also opt for a three-dimensional representation, an exhibition or a performance. It is all about getting people involved in your story, to touch them and perhaps to teach them something, preferably with a little humour.

Now that I have started working with Tinker, the time has come to merge the analytical with the creative.



Born at Doesburg


Moved to Zutphen


HAVO finale

2001 - 2016

Graphic Design, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem


Half-year Graphic Design course at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design


Kossmann.dejong, worked as a Graphic Designer on several national and international exhibitions