joost van der spek

consultant storytelling & heritage

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If there is a story to be told, I get involved. From exhibition outlines to books, from film scripts to soundscapes, and from exhibition texts to documentaries.

There is nothing like telling stories. Weird, poignant, amazing, old or new: just as long as there is a story in there that moves me. It has always been like this. In primary school, I wrote long compositions and devoured all of Thea Beckman’s historical novels. Much later, I had to choose between journalism and history. Two different approaches to storytelling. I picked history, but my internship was with a newspaper, the Haagsche Courant.

After graduation, good jobs were hard to find, so I founded Tekst & Inhoud, my own journalistic and historical research agency. For nine years, it was my platform to launch beautiful stories. Solid as befits an historian, and accessible, as befits a journalist. Books, articles, a game, a cookery book, a television programme… and many of these projects had an historical angle. In addition I did journalistic work and commercial copywriting.

Being my own boss suited me fine. It was a perfect mix of independence, challenge and freedom. But after nine years, it started to feel a little lonely, too. It was time for something new: Tinker. And had I been aware that such treasure houses of stories existed, I might have made the switch much earlier. Over the past seven years I have told the most diverse stories, written scripts and developed concepts. And I still have many stories left to tell.



Born in Den Haag during the World Cup Football


Went to university in Utrecht


Internship with the Haagsche Courant, went to university in England.


Looked for work in Italy


Tekst & Inhoud, my own company

2006 & 2008

Rafel and Govert, two boys