joost luk

3d designer

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Turning rooms into experiences unlike anything you have seen before.

At Tinker, I’m involved in everything from creating overall concepts and grand gestures to fine-tuning arrangements in display cases.  

From an early age, I've been designing and creating things. I’m intent on arousing feelings of amazement in the visitors. Because it’s not a gratuitous sensation, it forces people to look more consciously. At themselves and at their surroundings. Which is exactly what we do at Tinker. Turning spaces into experiences unlike anything you have seen or witnessed before.



Born in Gouda


Academy of Visual Arts, Tilburg


Set designer and actor with Gang theatre company


Co-owner of [De Gangh’] graphic and audio-visual design agency


Graphic and spatial designer at Ars Longa Exhibitions


Spatial designer at Tinker imagineers