esther kalf

project manager

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Responsible for planning, budget, controlling, and creative thinking - basically everything between the first call and the last invoice sent out for a production. I love working as a project manager/producer!

For the last ten years, I have worked in different roles in production departments. I started working as a production assistant with one of the best production directors in the Amsterdam advertising industry. I was very lucky to be taken under his wing and to get my education and grow my network in the world of multimedia/AV.  From there on, the productions, along with my responsibilities, grew bigger and more challenging. After working as a senior producer for big advertising agencies like Lowe & Partners, FHV/BBDO, and Kingsday, I felt it was time to take the next step and work as a freelance producer. My ambition as a freelance producer was to extend my production skills to more varied productions.

And then there was Tinker. It started with a temporary job on the content production for the Tirpitz Museum. The creativity and long-term vision of Tinker when it comes to ideas, materials, concept, and output suited me well. I very much enjoy the dynamics of all those different specialist departments, working so well to together on beautiful projects.

So here we are today.  I still love working at Tinker’s and being a part of productions that will last. Productions that will connect people and that will make a positive contribution, and, who knows, may even be called historic one day.