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Truth be told, I already knew where my heart was at when I was 14 years old: in the arts and crafts room at the mavo.

Even though schoolwork was easy for me, and many people wondered why I didn’t go on to the havo afterwards, I knew that creativity was my thing. I picked the RPC programme at the Nimeto. It was a diverse programme that allowed me every opportunity to develop commercially and creatively. In those four years, I learned a lot about the creative possibilities in the field, both at school and in practice.

The programme was diverse and I basically liked all of it. I had a hard time choosing between visual display, spatial design and graphic design. I was looking for a challenge and wanted to raise the bar as high as I could. Spatial design proved the most challenging subject. I started looking for a traineeship that offered freedom, space and experience, and was lucky enough to find Tinker.

When I first entered the building (and walked out one hour later with an offer for a traineeship), it felt really good and it still does. During my traineeship, I was offered many opportunities and special projects that allowed me to prove myself. I was able to develop my creativity because of the special approach and methods used by Tinker. It was a period filled with new impressions, experiences and creativity. The traineeship was quite the experience in itself. 

Even though I still had five months to go before graduating, Tinker offered me a job as a 3D designer, which I grabbed with both hands. During my graduation period I still worked on Tinker projects on my days off, just to keep things going.

When I look at Tinker, I see an agency that will allow me to grow in many respects, and that gave me the creative job I always dreamt about. My job as a 3D designer is varied and challenging, and Tinker’s many extraordinary projects present a great opportunity for development. Even though I had no knowledge of experience communication when I started on my traineeship, it has become an essential element of my creativity. Tinker has offered me great opportunities within the short period I have been here, and I hope for many more.   



Born at Veenendaal, where I was raised and went to school


Went to Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal, a secondary school


After graduating from the mavo, I went looking for a creative follow-up programme and ended up at the Nimeto creative vocational school in Utrecht. I started on the four-year programme Design, Spatial Presentation, and Communication. It was a great programme that allowed me to use my passion and enthusiasm to develop myself


I started on my graduate traineeship with Tinker imagineers. The experiences, new methods, and challenges allowed me to show what I could do


Started working with Tinker as a Junior 3D designer


Obtained my certificate in Spatial Presentation and Communication