daphne jansen

3d designer

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Translating stories into amazing spatial experiences.

As a 3D Designer, I use my visual power and imagination. I have a good eye for atmosphere. Using the story as a starting point, I create a captivating spatial image that takes the visitors into the experience we want to evoke.   

During my vocational training at Nimeto, I found what makes me tick: creative assignments. I turn my creative ideas into sketches, 3D models, mock-ups, and mood boards. I set the bar high because for me, a project only becomes truly meaningful when I see a sense of wonder in the eyes of the visitor. 



Born at Veenendaal.

Internship at Tinker imagineers
Graduated from training course in Design of Spatial Presentations and Communication, Nimeto, Utrecht.
Started working at Tinker as a 3D Designer

Started my own company in interior design