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tinker wins european healthcare design award for coach maastricht umc


The interactive and playful Centre for Overweights Adolescent and Children’s Healthcare of the Maastricht UMC+, The Netherlands, has been named as the best Interior Design and Arts project at the European Healtchare Design Awards 2018. Tinker imagineers, Dutch experience design agency, received the award at European Healthcare Design Congress in central London.

“The judges were impressed with the overall standard of the submissions, which responded to the different healthcare settings in thoughtful and imaginative ways. The winning projects demonstrate innovative art and interior design solutions and contribute to new design quality standards within their context.”

“This is a playful, action packed creative project and a strikingly innovative response to contemporary issues regarding healthy behaviour and lifestyle changes at a young age. It challenges current conventions in healthcare design and services and was the unanimous choice of the judges.”

Design approach: transform treatment into play
The experience architects of Utrecht-based Tinker imagineers understand the desire for play. For the temporary location of COACH - the Centre for Overweight Adolescent and Children's Healthcare of the Maastricht UMC+, where medical staff coach kids to live a healthier and more active life - the designers made a demountable environment.

At COACH, play is half the treatment. Consultations take place in colourful pavilions, while intersecting lines and surfaces are reminiscent of a mashup of various playing fields. An array of interactive games require stretching, climbing, swinging, riding, moving and working together. In the open waiting room, where nobody actually waits, 'treatment' starts before the appointment does. Tinker's design strategy proved successful: 70 per cent of the participants lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle under the supervision of COACH. 

The programme's founder, paediatrician Anita Vreugdenhil, states: 'In the interactive environment, children feel at home and tend to start exploring. They learn about a healthy lifestyle without any pressure. The room does not refer to a hospital environment, and the playful consulting rooms help us to keep it light.' 

European Healthcare Design Awards
The European Healthcare Design Awards 2018, organised by Architects for Health and SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, celebrate and recognise professional excellence in the design of healthcare environments both in Europe and around the world. Accolades were given in ten categories.

The category Interior Design and Arts looks for inspirational projects that demonstrates exceptional skill in creating a compassionate healthcare environment that reflects and communicates the values of the healthcare provider through the integrated application of interior design with the visual arts. 

More information: http://europeanhealthcaredesign2018.salus.global/conference-static-page/ehd-awards-2018-winners-announced

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