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tinker to design new exhibition at stevns klint world heritage visitor centre in denmark


The Stevns Klint Visitor Centre Foundation held a competition to find a designer for the exhibition in the new Stevns Klint World Heritage Visitor Centre in Denmark. And they have announced a winner! The winning design agency is Tinker imagineers, who presented a creative solution for telling the story of the World Heritage in a way that will appeal to the many different target groups of the visitor centre.

'From the very beginning, we set the bar high, since we aim to develop a world-class visitor centre. At the start of the summer holidays, we selected the architectural framework presented by Practical Architects. Our decision to have Tinker handle the inside of the visitor centre is consistent with our ambitious plans’, Per Røner, chairman of the Stevns Klint Visitor Centre, said. He emphasised that all three entries were of the highest quality. The other participants in the design competition were ART + COM Studios from Berlin and Event Communications from London. 

He added: 'We chose Tinker because they came up with a very functional solution with a flexible, visitor-centred exhibition plan. Tinker have previously provided top-class solutions and have a lot of experience in developing multi-sensory communication projects. In addition, their solution for incorporating the theme of the fish clay layer into the exhibition and the surroundings was the most compelling, as it will allow our visitors to connect the story they hear inside with their outside walks along the cliffs’, Per Røner concluded. 

Stan Boshouwers, founding partner and director of Tinker, is happy with this new assignment: 'Our design team is looking forward to shaping the thrilling story of this important UNESCO heritage site through the lenses of research and wonder. These two elements will guide the design of the future visitor centre. We plan to incorporate the authentic stone and putting it centre stage, as it tells the story, provides the evidence, and holds the answer to the mystery of the mass death that occurred 66 million years ago. After their visit, the audience will understand and admire the story of Stevns Klint.'  

Right now, work on the design of the visitor centre is underway. The first spade will be put into the ground in 2020, and the visitor centre is expected to be inaugurated in 2022. Tinker is best known in Denmark for the exhibition at Tirpitz (Varde) and is currently developing the new exhibition design for the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen.