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tinker designs renewed national jenever museum schiedam


On Saturday, 6 April last, the Dutch National Jenever Museum Schiedam opened its redecorated museum rooms. Tinker imagineers designed the renovation, focusing on the modern experience of an authentic product and on the past & present of the distiller’s craft.

Experience jenever

The National Jenever Museum is located in a former Schiedam malt spirit roasting house and distillery. The city of Schiedam is the product of the rich jenever industry. Silhouettes of buildings from this industry form the backdrop to the first room - a malt house, a mill, a roasting house, and a distillery, and the beautiful skyline of Schiedam behind them. You can watch the old and new techniques for making jenever and learn the ropes of the fine art of making jenever.  

Upon entering, you immediately smell the herbs and 'botanicals', the raw ingredients of jenever, whisky, and gin. Visitors learn all about the differences and similarities between the traditional and modern varieties. A free-standing installation with more than 350 varieties of Dutch jenever is proof of the vitality of the industry today. Listen to Tess Posthumus, the best female bartender in the world, who talks about her passion for jenever, mixing it with other ingredients, and presenting the results.  

On the second floor, you walk into an exhibition of close to one hundred jenever commercials and marketing messages from past and present. All around, you can listen to personal stories told by people from the industry, shedding light on the craftsmanship required in the production of jenever. They range from the best-known distillers and bartenders to customs officers. 

Renovation of the Jenever Museum

The new presentation is the last step in the renovation of the museum. In 2018, Tinker devised an experience revolving around De Walvisch, the museum mill. Visitors can watch an animated panoramic film in the mill and go on an interactive journey to discover everything there is to know about milling and the miller's craft.