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tinker designs new pannerden fortress experience


The Pannerden Fortress, located furthest east on the New Dutch Water Line, will not be taken lightly. That’s its charm, it has to be discovered. The adventure starts with the journey out, through unspoilt nature. Once you’re inside, the gigantic fortress opens up to you, with all of its corridors and secret stories. Tinker came up with an overall concept for experiencing the Pannerden Fortress. A new identity, with four different adventurous routes, challenging visitors to battle the elements.

Braving the elements, that’s what the renovated Pannerden Fortress is all about. An authentic story about earth, water, air, and fire, intertwining the history of the fortress and the partners involved (the Dutch Forestry Commission, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, the Rivierenland Water Board, and the municipality of Lingewaard). And at the same time, visitors of all ages are invited to accept the Pannerden Fortress challenge.

The routes all start at the heart of the fortress, where you can watch an introductory film and check out the visitors’ centre. Whether you pick Expedition Pannerden, the Elements real life game, the Fortress of Sounds audio tour, or the Tall Tales guided tour, the loot will always consist of a wealth of experiences and anecdotes. 

They cover the role of the fortress as the main valve of the New Dutch Water Line, military life during the First World War, the squatters that occupied the fortress, or the beautiful river landscape outside. Once you’re on top of the fortress, you can proudly say that you have conquered the Pannerden Fortress!

The Pannerden Fortress opened to the public on 30 April 2016.

(photo drone: NOS News)