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tinker designs nestlés open house in switzerland


On the occasion of Nestlé’s 150th anniversary, Dutch experience design agency Tinker imagineers from Utrecht is designing the prestigious Le Nest project in Switzerland. Le Nest is 3500 m2 in size and will be built in Vervey, on Lake Geneva, right where Henri Nestlé built his first factory in 1866. The experience centre will open its doors in the spring of 2016 and will take 40 million euros to build. One fifth of this amount is earmarked for the scenography: the concept and design of the experience.

15 to 20 of Tinker’s staff are working full-time on the scenography. The Utrecht agency is responsible for the strategic concept, the design (3D, 2D and multi-media), production, and delivery.

“Le Nest is much more than just another brand experience centre. We have come up with a meaningful attraction for all ages,” Erik Bär, co-owner of Tinker, says. “Visitors take an interactive and personal tour behind the scenes of a world-famous food corporation.” The focus of the tour is on healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

Visitors are welcomed at the Piazza. It is an inviting place, where the good life is celebrated. There is much to discover, for adults and children alike. The setting is that of a global market, where smells, flavours, textures and images stimulate the senses. You can see the cook at work in the kitchen of the restaurant, there are tastings, extraordinary stories, games for all ages, as well as the most delicious and fun merchandise to take home. 

Food Forum
Another novelty is Nestlé’s global Food Forum, created to share the corporation’s progressive vision, ideas, challenges and solutions with the visitors. Here, the complexity of feeding the world population and developing sustainable solutions are clarified. The eye-catcher of the Food Forum is an interactive round table surrounded by impressive infographics on the state of the earth. Nestlé aims to use this table to connect people and opinions, and to elicit meaningful dialogue. 

Food Visions
Tinker has come up with many more ways for Nestlé to express its commitment to healthy food. In Food Visions, for instance, visitors are inspired by innovative solutions, brought to life by interactive exhibits. Children get to discover how their brains and their bodies develop. Adults can test their own health in a scientific, yet accessible manner. Special activities have been added relating to babies, families and the elderly. As a result, visitors go home with a deeper understanding of the strong links between food and health.

By providing visitors with a gadget with their own profile (age, city, language and favourite food), Nestlé turns the visit in a highly personal and relevant experience.

In the Living Archives, visitors can take a trip down memory lane, sharing their memories of products, advertisements and commercials with their relatives. In another area, they receive personalised tips for a healthier lifestyle. 

In order to make room for this meaningful attraction, the old plant and the villa are renovated, and the space between the two is covered with an impressive glass roof.