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tinker designs dynniq experience center


On Friday, 16 March 2018, Dynniq’s new Experience Center, designed by Tinker imagineers, opened in Amersfoort. The client Experience Center is based on the concept of ‘flow’: the smooth, unhindered circulation that is at the heart of the technical solutions that Dynniq provides for smart mobility, energy, and parking.

This flow is reflected in the spatial design, which is based on one organic, continuous line, and in the various exhibits of the Experience Center. Visitors enter the space through an undulating, red transparent partition. The introductory film explains the social relevance of flow and paints a picture of a sustainable future with smart cities and autonomous traffic.

Gathering around the interactive table, visitors learn how innovative methods may improve the flow within our cities, and they can see where Dynniq’s core activities come into play and how they are connected. As a next step, the functionalities of the Experience Center will gradually be extended.