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the observatory in brorfelde opens to the public


After months of preparation, The Observatory in Brorfelde opens its doors to the public on 16 October 2021. It’s an area where it is often completely dark, so you can spot plenty of stars. Tinker worked on the experience design for the observatory last year and designed a central room, a film room, and various workshop rooms.

Discover the hidden secrets of biology, geology, and astronomy. Zoom in on the smallest rock crystals, get so close to the moon’s craters that you could almost touch them, and find faraway astronomical phenomena. With specially designed optical instruments, so-called Zoomviewers, visitors can zoom in further than ever before and discover new things. The Observatory is all about expanding our visual senses. Visitors get to experience the How, What and Why of observing the universe in a mid-20th century setting.

Stan Boshouwers is excited about the outcome: ‘The brief was to create a place for observation. Not just for observing the stars, but in a much broader sense, for observing nature. We have built tools that can be used to look up to the stars, or down to the flowers or insects through a microscopic lens. It is always about the interaction between people, nature, and instruments. And that's exactly what we at Tinker look for in our assignments. Experience design is about curiosity and wonder, so that’s what you can expect at The Observatory in Brorfelde.’

Photo header & photo 1: Thomas Moerkeberg
Photo 2: Martin Kunzendorf

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