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stan boshouwers reflects on augmented reality at kpn annual report 2016


Connected to the future. KPN has published their Annual Report 2016 under this theme. New is the presentation of experts in short video blogs who reflect on ICT innovations which will have a huge impact on (future) daily life. Tinker's Stan Boshouwers gives his vision about augmented reality: a new way of work, play and learn.

Augmented reality is a technology which connects the real world with the virtual world. It's an extension of reality with a narrative layer. This digital content will be added to the visual field, for example by glasses.

"It will lead to a new way of connection, because we can meet eachother all over the world, wherever we are. This means that we will live in another way, that we will work differenty or just play at another level. It will have a huge impact on daily life at many stages. It's hard to forecast how far the development will go, but it will be a big transition for society.", according to Stan Boshouwers. 

View the complete interview: https://jaarverslag2016.kpn/#augmented-reality or annual report: https://jaarverslag2016.kpn